We’re accepting new clients for individual, couples or family psychotherapy services. Email us at info@purposefulchange.ca or call 437-688-5905 to book a free consultation.

Book a Free Consultation

Book a free 15-minute consultation by emailing info@purposefulchange.ca or call 437-688-5905. Our intake team will review your request and arrange a time for you to speak with a psychotherapist. This is great way to ask any questions you may have and see if it's the right fit for you. Free consultations cannot be booked using our online booking system.

Individual Psychotherapy

Book an assessment with a psychotherapist and begin your treatment journey today. Repeating yourself can be a frustrating part of seeking support, that is why from the moment you book an assessment you are sent a triage form, allowing your therapist to support you in an informed manner so that you can focus on beginning your healing journey.

Couples Psychotherapy

Book a couples counselling session today and meet with a trained psychotherapist who can guide you and your partner towards a compassionate conversation leaving you feeling less alone and more connected.

Family Psychotherapy

Book a psychotherapy appointment and learn the skills you and your loved ones need to begin functioning as a healthy family unit.

Hi, my name’s Sukaina and I’m a registered psychotherapist. As a mental health and addiction specialist, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals who, just like you and I, can feel stuck, frustrated and sometimes hopeless. Approaching treatment with the understanding of human psychology, social behaviour, thoughts and feelings has allowed me to support individuals to feel seen. Developing a safe relationship with a professional will allow you to explore the parts of yourself and your relationships that can often feel too overwhelming to face alone.

Hi, my name’s Sukaina and I’m a registered psychotherapist. As a mental health and addiction spec... Read More

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